Tiny Tots – Behind the Scenes

The Beginnings

We are Mary and Annie – sisters and stay at home moms. We love to shop, but even more, we love to save money.

We don’t need to tell you how easy it is to spend money on kids stuff – and that’s why we started Tiny Tots Consignment Sale – to make it easy for you to SAVE money on everything your children need.

What’s Happening Nowdays

We get excited to shop consignment sales, not only to save money on the things we absolutely need, but also to try out the things that are otherwise too expensive. How about that fancy exersaucer, will my baby take to it? It’s an $85 unknown…so our first trip to a consignment sale had a fantastic exersaucer for $8.

We felt good about trying it out at that price.

When it came time to invest in baby gates, we wondered if there was a giant island filled with plastic baby gates somewhere…we all have extra items. Either items that our children never used, didn’t fit properly, never fit at all, already had a duplicate or something else.  That’s how Brand New items wind up at the sale.

Then there are the items that we loved, and that still have tremendous life left. This is where the gently used component comes in. Since we don’t accept stained, broken, tattered, torn, worn-out or out-of-date items, it becomes a fantastic shopping experience at crazy discounted prices.

Our Plans in the Future

We continue to grow! We want to be the one-stop that covers all of your growing needs. We continue to strive for the highest quality controls – making way for the latest trends, best prices on latest kid items.

Bottom Line

We do two things in our own homes throughout the year. We keep a box of kid items to sell, and we keep a running list of things to buy at the next mega tiny tots sale. Have you made yours yet?

We’ll see you all in a bit!

Annie + Mary