How I shop the sale

How I shop Tiny Tots (by Annie)

With four small kids at home, I’m always looking for ways to save time and money. I realized recently that if I do all of my kids’ shopping at Tiny Tots, then I save both – time and money. No more wasting time online shopping for kids’ clothes, shoes, etc… I get it all done in a few hours, and each sale I save hundreds of dollars. More time to spend with my family, and less money out the door.

Here’s how I make my way around the sale:

1) Seasonal outdoor/sports gear – bigger bikes? Sleds? Ice skates? Those things are super expensive to buy new and a hassle to find on Craigslist. I hit those big value areas first.

2) Baby gear – when I’m expecting a new baby, I think about what I have that hasn’t been ideal, like the nasty exersaucer that spent a few summers outside. Time to upgrade. Pack n play that’s been the primary sleeping quarters for 3 kids? By #4 I was ready one that didn’t look like it’d been through fifty rounds of the stomach flu.

3) Shoes – I always buy one extra pair b/c inevitably someone loses a shoe. I can buy 4 pairs of shoes (play shoes, school shoes, boots and dress shoes) for what 1 pair of new shoes would cost. Go get your kids’ feet measured before the sale, so that you buy the right size.

4) Clothes – I spend a lot of time here. I buy EVERYTHING I need or might need until the next sale. I’d rather have a little extra clothing to give to a friend (or re-consign!) than have too little clothing. My washing machine is also really wicked and only returns clothes that look totally stained, thus I bleach the heck out of everything, thus all my clothes fall apart… I’m open to advice on keeping clothes clean. I’m thinking of switching to disposable clothes.

5) Books and DVDs – enough said.

That’s how I conquer Tiny Tots.

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