Review the list of items which we will accept. Feel free to email us with questions if you do not see an item you would like to sell. We accept specific types of clothing and other items according to the upcoming seasons. Our Fall sale is our fall/winter sale and the Spring sale is the spring/summer sale. Please comply with these parameters, so you do not waste time tagging items that will not be accepted. Your items will be inspected at drop-off and any unsuitable items will be returned to you at that time.

  • Girls sizes Premie-12 Youth.
  • Boys sizes Premie-12 Youth.
  • Maternity Clothing
  • Shoes – sizes 0-13 or infant & toddler sizes 1-5 (Must be in excellent condition!)
  • Infant/Children/Teen seasonal clothing in gently used/new condition
  • Boutique brand clothing
  • Dance and gymnastics garments
  • Dress-up clothing and accessories
  • Swimsuits at Spring Sale only
  • Winter gear at Fall Sale only
  • Costumes at Both Sales *Please save any Halloween specific costumes for the Fall* (ex. Vampire/Ghost/Witch, etc.)
  • Denim jeans are accepted at both sales
  • Accessories such as socks, hair bows, ties, hats, belts, etc.
  • Stuffed Animals/Stuffed Dolls
  • Anything with a monogram or name of child
  • VHS tapes
  • Mattresses
  • Formula, open packs of diapers/wipes/pacifiers, etc.
  • Breast-pumps
  • Non-maternity Women’s Clothing
  • Cribs manufactured before July 2011
  • Any items that are overly worn, torn, missing pieces, non-working components, outdated, stained or dirty.
  • Toys, books, DVD and other play items sell very well…sellers typically get caught up in getting all of their clothes tagged and forget other very profitable items!. While everything that is fairly priced sells well at the sale, the percentage of toys and large items brought to the sale and are sold is high. So don’t forget to clean out those toy boxes and playrooms!
  • Self-inspect your clothing before you begin to enter your items – any clothing with stains, tears, pilling, missing buttons or snaps, outdated style, smoky or musty odors, etc. will be removed during inspection, it will save everyone time at check-in if you remove those items at home first.
  • It is ok to use NO DISCOUNT, but please use it sparingly. Pricing should be competitive if you are using No Discount – and primarily for unique items.
  • Often times, what is left at the end of the sale are the clothes that are either overpriced or No Discount or both! Worn Target sleepers will not sell for $4 when you can easily purchase new for $5-7. Tiny Tots Sale shoppers expect quality items at bargain prices – and sellers, who make the most money, price to sell and take little to nothing home! It is a win – win!


Jan 5
6am Thursday
Sign up for Seller Registration
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Mar 26
11:59pm Sunday
Deadline for Changes in System
Login and Tag Away!
Sunday & Monday
Keep Items Sorted
Pick Drop Off Slot
Mar 30
7-8:30p Thursday
Items not picked up get donated
Don't Forget Pick Up


What do we look for at Drop Off? Quality control:

  • Gently worn or new Seasonal baby, children’s (newborn to children’s size 14) and maternity.
  • We cannot accept items with stains, holes, or overly worn.
  • Zippers, buttons, and cleanliness.
  • Please mark the correct sizing of all items – hats, leggings, socks, etc. If it doesn’t have a size, it doesn’t sell.
  • Shoes, toys, baby equipment and furniture, bedding, dvds, bikes, sporting goods, games, books, puzzles, car seats, strollers, highchairs, outdoor play, anything to do with kids.
  • If you have equipment that requires assembly, please bring the proper tools for assembly. You are responsible for putting the item together (cribs, swings, etc), this helps sell your item.
  • If you have the original manual to the equipment, put the manual in a Ziploc bag and tape or safety pin it to the item.
  • All articles should be clean, complete and in good working condition.
  • Please be highly selective and do not bring stained or worn out clothing or clothing missing buttons or with holes in it.
  • All baby equipment should be clean, complete and in good working condition.
  • Also, do not sell toys unless they have ALL of the parts. If an item is battery operated, make sure that is has working batteries in it when you sell it so that people can tell that it is in working order.
  • Please help us maintain a high standard of quality by only bringing items that you would want to purchase.
  • Click here to make sure your items have not been part of a recall ~ we are not allowed to sell any items that have been part of a recall. We cannot sell any drop side cribs. Please DO NOT BRING ANY CRIBS with sides that are movable.
  • This process is simple and will make the TINY TOTS Event efficient and accurate.
  • Please use ONLY CARDSTOCK TAGS! Please don’t use stickers, paper or write on ziplock bags.
  • Handwritten tags are not permitted.
  • Tags must be from our online tagging system.
  • We no longer require sellersto leave a box or bin for pick up. Yay!


To ensure a smooth drop off & pick up, please look over the info below. It can make a significant difference.  

Sellers must utilize the DROP OFF feature on their seller account to select a specified time to drop-off items before the sale. If you are selling more than 250 items, please sign up for 2 back-to-back slots.

  • At the Italian Center in Stamford, CT, have your items sorted by gender and size before arriving.
  • Please check in at the Check-In table. You will need to confirm your seller number and info.
  • You’ll drop your items onto the appropriate front tables.
  • We will be checking your items for tagging.
  • Any items that do not meet the quality guidelines will be refused and donated immediately at the end of drop off.
    • Remember: we WANT you to sell the most, and we don’t want to refuse anything, so please be super picky before you start tagging. Don’t waste time tagging items that can’t be accepted.
    • You do have the option of waiting up to 60 minutes to receive any rejected items back.
  • Please make sure you follow the guidelines. More Info on what we look for can be found HERE.
  • We ask that you bring large furniture, outdoor play, etc. directly to the sales floor. We often have help with large items.
  • *Don’t forget any tools or hardware needed to assemble any equipment or furniture you are selling (Sellers are required to assemble any equipment or furniture).
  • Also pick up your Seller PreSale e-passes; all sellers will be given two passes.
  • Spouses require an e-pass to enter the sale.
  • Only people with e-passes will be able to enter the Seller PreSale.
  • All unsold items are available to be picked up Saturday after we break down.
  • Be sure to check the ‘Lost Tag’ area to make sure none of your items were separated from the tag.
  • Be sure to also check the Pulled During Sale area to make sure none of your items were pulled for inspection reasons during the sale.
  • Unsold items that are not picked up will be donated to charity immediately at the end of the scheduled pick-up window.
  • If your items are not marked for donation and you fail to pick up, we have to assess a $30+ fee to offset the extra cost of truck rental.
  • We regret that no alternate pick-up arrangements can be made. Please have a friend pick up your items if you are unable to do so.
  • We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen goods. We are not responsible for unsold goods due to lost tags.


After the sale, we calculate your earnings as 60% of the selling price on each item you sold. You will receive a check or direct deposit within 10 days. Lost checks will be re-issued less a $30.00 bank assessed lost check/stop payment fee.