When the CPSIA was signed in to law, it became illegal to sell recalled products.

It is important to us that only safe products are offered at our sale; therefore, we ask that each consignor carefully check that none of their items have been recalled before bringing them to our sale. As the seller/owner of an item, it is the responsibility of the consignor to ensure that each item meets the required safety standards.

Please use the following resources to ensure that your item has not been recalled and is not considered dangerous or un-safe:

Carseat Recall List:

This is The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Child Restraint Recall Campaign Listing. CLICK HERE 

Consigned cribs must either:

Have the manufacture date on the crib, showing it to be manufactured on or after June 28, 2011 or Have a Certificate of Compliance from the company which manufactured the crib stating that the crib is certified to meet laws 16 CFR 1219 or 16 CFR 1220.

Thank you for your understanding as we seek to make the safety of our children priority! 

By signing the Seller Agreement, you are agreeing that you have checked the CPSC Web site (www.cpsc.gov)