Restocking Consignor

We are excited to offer you the option to be a restocking consignor for our upcoming sale. In order to allow more consignors to participate, we are added this option as well as an extra shopping day last sale. Restocking consignors bring items that sell quickly—baby equipment, furniture, gear, toys & games, furniture, strollers, outdoor items, etc. We will not be accepting any clothing under size 18 months, maternity, books or dvds during our restocking drop off time. And, as usual, all items need to meet our guidelines.

The items that you bring as a restocking consignor are the items that sell quickly during our PreSales and they are always in high demand.

  • Restocking consignors do very well because they bring items that are in high demand and sell quickly.
  • Restocking consignors get to shop the Consignor PreSale along with our regular consignors on at the Consignor PreSale.

Tiny Tots advertises that the sale will be RESTOCKED for Wednesday, Thursday

And we encourage shoppers to make another trip to the sale to check out the “new” merchandise.  We have found that consignors still sell the same percentage of their items even when dropped off on Thursday, so no worries there!

Note: We estimate “capacity” for the facility based upon the historical “average number of items per consignor.” This is fairly accurate, but is not an exact science. Therefore, some sizes/categories may look like more would have fit- but we never know how much ‘bulk’ each consignor is bringing. Restocking is the best, and most proven method, for determining the number of consignors we can allow at our location.