Take back your home! No more stepping on clear Legos or shoving clothes into closets. Don’t be afraid of opening drawers or cabinets anymore!

Skip running a tag sale, meeting up in a ‘public place’, loads of time listing, photographing, updating, & negotiating.

Do not worry, Mama! Selling with Tiny Tots means it’s over in 1 week, with a BIGGER check and much less hassle!

How Tiny Tots Works:

  1. Register to Sell, then using our Online Inventory System, you tag your items.
  2. Drop it all off at our 4 day sale location in Greenwich/Stamford, CT.
  3. Get your big check for 60% of your earnings within a few days!

It’s that easy! Thousands of moms shop Tiny Tots Consignment sales each season.

Sign Up Now – Our Seller Spaces fill up weeks in advance! Don’t miss out.

Why is Selling with Tiny Tots worth it?

No more Buy, Sell, Trade Shenanigans

Get the clutter out all at once

Higher Split & Better Sell Through than Consignment Stores

No more Haggling over prices

“I was thrilled with how little I had left at the end of the sale! I brought in 7 bins of stuff and left with a Ziploc bag of socks and 2 shirts. My husband was just as excited to get the extra space in our house! Plus, I had a comma in my check!” – Amanda S.

What other perks?!

  • You get to SHOP EARLY with a guest at the Exclusive Seller PreSale!
  • You get to shop early AGAIN with a guest at the Exclusive Seller 50% off!
  • You can keep TRACK of your sales
  • You get a DONATION report if you opt to have any unsold items donated to charity at the end of the sale! Win – Win!
  • We have a PRICING GUIDE, TAGGING KITS, and loads of TIPS on how to get your first time consigning to be extra successful!
  • It’s super easy with Tiny Tots – don’t wait until next season. Spots fill up and we have to close registration in advance. Time to get your Tiny Tots bin started and grab your Seller spot!